We deliver the best
quality of Spices

One of the pioneers who specialize in Pepper, White Pepper, Coffee, Cloves, Cinnamon, Java Chili, and many more of our special products.


Being one of the leading companies from Indonesia which provides the best quality products for spices and food commodities.


Trying to restore the strength of the Indonesian spice market in the eyes of the world.
Providing the highest quality products in accordance with national and international standards for spices and food commodities.
Developing sustainable supply chains with the principle of collaboration and mutually beneficial cooperation with partners, to enhance the value and benefits of products for our customers. As well as helping the welfare of spice farmers in Indonesia.

Our Business Reach

We have established close cooperation and cooperation with the farming community in several areas. Some areas, such as in Bangka and Lampung, are the main source areas for black pepper and white pepper.

Our Sourcing

We implement strict rules and strict procurement policies to ensure the best quality and consistency of our goods, various markets have different requirements.

Quality Control is one of our main principles, including pesticides, food safety, food safety, and labor quality.

Why Choose Us

We've got a lot of amaing and cool features.


Faitrade builds a fair payment system, decent workplace conditions, technical assistance (such as design, bookkeeping), social programs, equality, transparency, mutual trust, and protecting the environment.

Strategic location

The location of our plantation and factory land is Lampung. The choice of location is due to the geographical conditions that support and are suitable for our commodity plantations.

Green and Social Responsible

Providing social benefits for our farming families in economic progress, education, local empowerment and the development of youth experiences.

Integrated and Transparent

Our production system has a good cycle, from the field to the final consumer.

Our Products

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Our International
Target Market

Our presence in the world market for the trade of spices such as black pepper, white pepper, cloves and other spices anywhere in the world, where our customers currently include bulk importers, restaurants, market traders, and more!

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Our Location

Tanjungkarang Enggal
Kota Bandar Lampung,
Lampung 35111


(+62) 813 7775 9363